Atlanta Blessingway Ceremonies

Blessingway Ceremonies (also known as Mother Blessings) are a wonderful way to put the focus of pregnancy back towards the mother. Especially for second time mothers, the fact that she is pregnant is sometimes forgotten when taking care of the older child! For first time mothers, Blessingways can be a wonderful alternative to a baby shower.

Ways to honor the mother are varied, but can include gifts made of flowers, affirmations for her birth, birth story sharing, words of encouragement, and of course sharing a meal with her favorite foods!

I can plan a Blessingway for the mother to be, in coordination with someone close to her. I can be in attendance to help facilitate the ceremony, or just help you plan your own.

1 hour planning session: $40

1 hour planning session and 2 hours of facilitation at the ceremony: $120

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